Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank You!!!

I’d like to sincerely thank all those who have helped in grow in my journey with God. Special thanks: to those who have rejected me, those who offered me friendship & then dropped me like a hot potato. Thanks to those who swore to be true, but bailed out when the sh*t hit the fan. Thanks to those who have bullied and tried to manipulate through fear. Oh, there are so many manipulators to thank… so many, so many different ways they try to manipulate. Thanks to those who willfully misunderstood and shut me out. Thanks to the posers, the tricksters, those whose goal is to dominate. Thanks to the selfish and the greedy. To those who swear their alliegance to the King but show yourselves to be usurpers of His authority time and time again. Thanks to those who boast of being all about The Way, The Truth and The Life; but exalt their own way, opinions, and perspectives above Him. Thanks to those of you who were not there for me, didn’t have the answers, and didn’t even try to reach out to me when I reached out to you.

Thank you one and all. Truly. Hope I’ve not forgotten or left anyone out. Thank you for letting me down. Sincerely. I thank you because God used every bit of it to aid in HIS purpose in my life. Every time I looked to someone & they let me down, GOD was there & He did not fail me. Every time I got sucker-punched by the carelessness of others, He comforted me and taught me. I still have the scars, but no bitterness of oozing wounds. I am truly grateful for every cut and scrap that drove me deeper into His love. For all the krap that’s been shoveled on me worked like fertilizer in the hands of the Living God. I am His. So, He takes the funky things thrown at me in life & uses them to further the work HE is doing in me.

Of course, most of all I want to thank my Abba God for never giving me the “Utopia” I had so many times asked Him for. (Ya know…praying for everything in your life to line up in a nice, neat, perfect little package for all to see.) Thank You, Papa, for loving me so passionately, so faithfully, so tenaciously, so truly & so deeply that You never once gave in to my pleading to get my way.

Thank You for doing what was best for me, for making me walk through hard places, over rough terrain, making me face my fears. You have taught me what true spiritual warfare is, and it’s nothing I can take credit for. You are a mighty God. The only true and living God. And I will praise Your name forever. Through all the “good” and the “bad”, I have found that Your grace is more than enough. I know where “the secret place” is and how to get there in a heartbeat. I am thrilled with the treasure of knowing You in such a way that I fear no evil (at least not for more than a few minutes). Thank You for leveling the playing field (so to speak) and letting me see there are no “good” days or “bad” days anymore. I am Yours. Now there are only days of Your amazing grace. Much love to You, Papa!!! Jesus!!! & Sweet Holy Spirit!!! And bless all those who have aided me in my journey with You.

Marcy Ellis
September 14, 2009

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